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Retinal detachment: A retinal detachment occurs when the neurosensory retina peels away from the wall of the eye, much like when wallpaper peels away from the Postinor-Uno room wall. Apart from flashes and floaters, you will also see a shadow or curtain in your field of vision. This is a sight-threatening condition and in most cases, will require retinal detachment surgery to restore vision.


[0] Camp, S. (1995). Postinor: el método único de anticoncepción de emergencia desarrollado en Hungría. Planned Parenthood en Europa, 24 (2), 23-4.

[1] Renne, E. Postinor-Uno 0.15 mg Birth Control P. (1998). Uso de postintores entre mujeres jóvenes en el sudoeste de Nigeria: una nota de investigación. Cuestiones de salud reproductiva, 6 (11), 107-114.

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¿Qué es Postinor 2?

Postinor 2 posee el mismo ingrediente activo que Postinor 1, es decir, progestógeno de levonorgestrel. Incluso el mecanismo de acción es el mismo. Sin embargo, Postinor 1 Postinor-Uno solo una tableta y Postinor 2 viene con dos tabletas. Postinor 2 es otra eversión de la medicación postinor. Se recomienda no tomar las dos tabletas al mismo tiempo. Es peligroso y dará lugar a cosas malas para usted. Una tabla puede tomarse inmediatamente después de tener relaciones sexuales sin protección y la segunda tableta debe tomarse 12 horas después. El resto de las características son las mismas que en Postinor 1.

Diferencia entre Postinor 1 y Postinor 2

Estas son tabletas anticonceptivas de emergencia que ayudan a prevenir el embarazo en caso de relaciones sexuales sin protección. Se recomienda a las mujeres que tomen una tableta inmediatamente después de cualquier acto sexual sin protección, hasta 4 píldoras por mes.

La naturaleza del consumo requiere que las mujeres tengan Postinor-Uno tabletas en posesión antes de que las necesiten. Los estudios clínicos han informado que estas tabletas anticonceptivas de emergencia tienen una tasa de fracaso de menos del 1% y muy pocos efectos secundarios. Los efectos secundarios incluyen 10-15% de vómitos y 20-35% de sangrado. Estos efectos secundarios se pueden ver solo si se usan más de 4 píldoras en el lapso de un mes. Sin embargo, es importante consultar a un médico o a un médico antes de tomar estas tabletas.

Granito Importado

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POSTINOR is an Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) which safely prevents unwanted accidental pregnancy within 72 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse.

Why is POSTINOR unique?

POSTINOR is effective to prevent pregnancy when taken as directed up to 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex. If you take POSTINOR it is 99% sure that you avoid pregnancy*.

Gedeon Richter, the producer of POSTINOR manufactures Levonorgestrel emergency contraceptive pills under the brand name POSTINOR and ESCAPELLE for more than 35 years. ESCAPELLE and POSTINOR were used in more than 400 million cases** without any serious adverse event.

By now Gedeon Richter has become No. 1 Emergency Contraception manufacturer*** reaching more than 100 countries with highest quality Emergency contraceptive pills worldwide. Both ESCAPELLE and POSTINOR contains only one kind of hormone called Levonorgestrel, and prevents pregnancy before it is established.

Postinor 2 contiene una hoja de blister con dos tabletas de dosificación. Las Postinor-Uno en este caso también son redondas y blancas.

For most people, no treatment is required. The detached vitreous remains detached and does not re-attach again. PVD does not cause any permanent loss of vision. But a retinal detachment will. It is therefore very important that you consult your ophthalmologist as early as possible for a Postinor-Uno dilated retinal examination if you experience the symptoms of flashes and floaters.

The flashes and floaters will Postinor-Uno settle over several weeks to several months. Flashing lights tend to Postinor-Uno completely because the vitreous is no longer tugging on the retina.

Floaters will become less noticeable as Postinor-Uno brain learns to adapt and to ignore them. However, they are unlikely to disappear completely. If you have a very annoying floater in the center of your vision, you may be able to displace it moving your eyes in a gentle Postinor-Uno motion. In some severe cases, laser or vitrectomy surgery may be appropriate. You may notice new floaters when new pockets of the vitreous degenerates. Don't worry about these if you notice a few new floaters. If you notice a new shower of floaters, consult your ophthalmologist as soon as possible for a repeat retinal Postinor-Uno associated complications of PVD tend to occur at the time the vitreous detaches. As such, it will be very unusual for the complications to occur some time later after the vitreous has detached. Nevertheless, it is always prudent to look out for the symptoms of retinal detachment. The earlier a detached retina is picked up and treated, the better the visual outcome.

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4) Fabricantes de Postinor-1 y Postinor-2

Los fabricantes de Postinor 1 en todo el mundo incluyen a Gedeon Richter, Rex Medical, Farmage SAC, Intensive Care Products Private Ltd. y Chempharos CO.

Los fabricantes de Postinor 1 en todo el mundo incluyen Gedeon Richter, Shaheen, Delfi Singapur, Biofarma Natural CMD, Genpharma, Sociedad para la Salud Familiar, PT Postinor-Uno Idaman Abdi Yakarta, Rex Medical, Asociación de Planificación Familiar de Postinor-Uno, Aciprosalud CA, Farmage SRL, productos de cuidados intensivos Pvt Ltd., Mekim Ltd y Lab Libra.

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